About VS Group

Vlassis Stathokostopoulos 

The VS Group is striving to offer to its exclusive guests the utmost of finest dining and entertainment with the personal care of the Stathocostopoulos Family who have been in charge of this exclusive activity for the past thirty years.

In VS Group we do our best to offer to our guests the out most in the dining and entertainment quality.

In times where many things change one thing is not compromised in our group which is the quality of our food and service to our clients who have been with us uninterruptedly for the last thirty years and confirming it throughout our 37 unique Restaurant Clubs

Our Organization and Brand is correlated to the booming tourism industry of Greece and the main core of our clients is international guest

From renowned Jet Setters to ordinary young University student we cater for all tastes and match our business outlets to the requirements of the  client taste we are addressing to.

We employ with equal opportunity principles more than 1000 employees while training them to become ideal hosts for our clients across our business.

With our personal touch and interest in every detail we constantly try to do our best in order to offer to our selected quests the outmost in food, dining and entertainment quality

Vasilis Stathokostopoulos