Riviera Coast

Riviera Coast’s cafe, spacious and particularly bright, is a solid destination for the inhabitants of the southern suburbs and beyond, while during the summer months the exterior layout makes you feel like you are on an island. In the evening, the bar undertakes to offer a wide variety of drinks and cocktails, always keeping the lounge atmosphere of Riviera Coast, Riviera Coast’s restaurant offers a list of many options for light snacks and delicious dishes as well as sweet temptations that you can not resist. Open throughout the day, it awaits you for a delicious meal.

Phone: 210 8992453

Address: Kon/nou Karamanli 18, Voula

Website: http://rivieracoast.gr/

Capacity Inside: 470

Capacity Outside : 1150

Parking: Available

Open Hours : 8.00 - 3.00