In the Lysikratos Square, Diogenis restaurant is distinguished by the discreet luxury of its rooms and its respect for Greek traditional cuisine. In a comfortable, bright area, Diogenis’ rich menu offers meat and fish dishes as well as a wide range of appetizers choices, following high quality standards.
During the summer months, the outer space of Diogenis is located beneath the Acropolis, combining the magnificent view with the traditional flavor.
Diogenis is open from the morning for a café, meeting point for local residents and not only.

You can find the Diogenis cuisine in two places: the restaurant that operates all year round and the tavern that welcomes the friends of Greek cuisine only during the winter months.

Phone: 210 3224845

Address: Plateia Lysikratous & Selley Plaka

Website: http://diogenes.gr/

Capacity Inside: 290

Capacity Outside : 180

Live Music: Daily, except Sundays

Open Hours : 18:00 - 00:00

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/diogenesplaka/