Dafnes is a classic in every sense of the word located in Plaka and the preferred destination of visiting public figures from the international political scene and business world. Major tourist agencies throughout the world regularly recommend Dafnes as one of the top choices for Greek gourmet cuisine.
Dafnes has had truly select customers over the years and has been chosen to host meals for political leaders such as Bill and Hilary Clinton. The cuisine has a Mediterranean accent with a touch of creativity: classic starters as well as meat and fish dishes with a nouvelle touch resulting in a truly impressive gastronomical experience.

The finest of Greek cuisine is served at Dafnes in a finely appointed space where frescos, terracotta and warm ochre hues dominate. In the outdoor area, wonderfully combined wood and stone structural elements prevail and create a winningly attractive atmosphere.

Address: 4 Lysikratous , Plaka | Athens | Greece
Telephone reservations: +30 210 3227971
Fax: +30 210 3227971
Indoor capacity: 40 seated
Outdoor capacity: 100 seated
Parking: None
Hours: 20:00 - 00:00
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Daphne's Daphne's
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